One more week T_T

I have one more week left here in Bath. *sniffles* I'm so sad! It's not that I'll miss Bath, it's just the people that I wake up with everyday and see in class. It's them I'm going to miss. Els, Kara, Alex, Jon, Steve . . . they're my people . . . and I'm not gonna see them everyday after next Sat. That's so sad T_T

We went out last night. First to the Huntsman where we listened to old 80s and 90s music, which is what I love about Thursday nights. Free 'til 10:45 and drinks are only 1.50. That's what I'm talking about. We took so many pictures and had so many drinks. I have such a hangover . . . Then we went to the Qube (again) I'm really mad at myself for not going to another club. Ah well.

We're all pretty much livin' it up until we all have to leave. Besides, finals are next week. I just finished a 40 page dissertation (Amen!) and now I'm all hyped - too hyped to do any actual studying.

I'm gonna head over to London tomorrow, since I haven't been yet. It'll be kool. I'm going by myself, so everything should get done pretty quickly. I'm taking a bus because it's cheaper and I'm very close to being broke right now, but I really don't care. All in all. I feel pretty damn good . . . just as long as I don't think about next Saturday.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving, my absolute favorite holiday and it doesn't even feel like it. I'm in another country where it's not celebrated and I'm home sick. Well, I should say that I'm food sick. They are throwing us a dinner tonight, so it's not that bad, but I miss my family. *pouts*

Anyway, I saw Harry Potter! It was the shit, shit, shit! And I loved it, loved it, loved it!

I'm so glad they didn't screw it up like they did the last one. Am I the only one who didn't like? I mean, honestly! Don't get me wrong, it was good, but it was my favorite book and the movie just didn't compare. Plus, I like that the Weasley twins had more screen time, because, lets be honest, they're the shit and they're cute too . . . But I digress. Is it just me or aren't the Patil twins in different houses?

I'm going to go see it again tomorrow. I was supposed to see it last night, but the line was too long. I don't know what movie premiered, but it was seriously crowded. On a Wednesday night! All these students out seeing a movie like they don't have papers to write . . . The fact that I'm a student doesn't count. I was taking a break. Like what I'm doing right now. See. Taking a break. There's a difference.
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Pride and Prejudice 2005

Has anyone seen Pride and Prejudice? I only have two words to say:

Matthew Macfadyen

Listen to that . . . his name echoes in the wind. . . . Matthew Macfadyen . . . Now add the slow motion. Now lets watch him strut into the room and inconspicuously throw back his hair. . . . Matthew Macfadyen . . .

This is all in my head, of course - the slow motion bit, I mean. Though, you have to admit, it's so much better that way.

. . . Matthew Macfadyen . . .

Total Q-tie

And my reason for living.
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Why, oh why!!!

I couldn't possibly be the only person who studied abroad their senior year. I mean, there was no rule that said we couldn't.

So why the hell are they making my life difficult?
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I'm here!!!

I need to get used to this place. I've been here two days and I still turn in surprise whenever I hear an English accent. lol. Like Cyder here is alcoholic and lemonade is Sprite. That was funny last night. I'll never forget that. Highlight of the evening.

Classes don't start until next week, but it's not like it's a break or anything. They have us doing something every damn minute of every damn hour. I hate orientation. I'm jetlagged and my fingers hurt from writing 2 800 word diagnostics today.

Hit me up if you want. If you don't - then, well, don't.
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What's the difference?

Okay, answer this for me.

What's the difference between domo and arigato?

They both mean thank you, right. So when is it the proper time to use either one?
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Doing some catch up.

Damn, it's been a long time since I've been here. So many projects. So little time. lol.

This summer is flying by. All this working has got me aching to go out and have some fun, which is what I plan to do next week. I'll be staying with my mom for the week over in good old Nassau county. Damn, it's good to be home in the NY. Hated Cali. I'm staying with my aunt and uncle for the summer out East and they're kicking me out so they can bring my little cousin to school in Virginia.

*sniff sniff*

My baby's all grown up and going to college. T_T

It's all good and all. Hopefully I can hook up with old friends. Make new ones. You know all of that and a bag of chips. lol.


Two and half more weeks and I'm off to the UK.

Will you miss me? Of course you will. It's me we're talking about. lol. Nah I'm playin. Peace.
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Damn, I'm bored.

What the hell made me think I could find a job all the way out in Suffolk county! The transportation here is just as bad as it was in Cali. I should've just stayed with someone over in Nassau county. At least then I could get around (because I know it very well) and I'm a helluva lot closer to the city.

Shit. This sucks.
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