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Training Day . . . Not the Movie

I had mandatory training today over in Brooklyn. So, instead of going straight there I ended up heading to the office first, checked my email, got rid of some of the things in my HUGE bag so that my arm could stop aching, and then I hopped back on the subway. The fact that I wasted 4 extra dollars doesn't even faze me really. If I had gone straight there, I would've been WAY early, so I figured WHAT THE HELL. What's a few extra dollars?

Basically it was only half the day and it pretty much covered everything that we had already knew, except the information was more in depth I guess. It wasn't so bad. I had hot chocolate so how can a girl complain, really?

In the beginning she had us perform the 4 Cs - character, cuisine, conveyance, and conversation. TRANSLATION: If we could have dinner with any person (fictional, non-fictional, dead, alive) who would it be, where would we eat, how would we get there, and what would we talk about . . . .

My answer:

Character: Gary Dourdan aka Warrick Brown
Cuisine: Chinese Buffet
Conveyance: He would drive
Conversation: What we needed to do to get married.

Yea, that gained a good laugh. What's REALLY funny is that I was dead serious.

Hm. Think I have a problem?

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