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Everything's falling into place

Yea, so I started going to the gym. I have one free month so I'm trying to use it as much as I can. But since my mom is my ride, I have to schedule my time around hers - meaning, I need to persuade and threaten her to get up and work out so that she can stop complaining about how FAT she is.

But if that doesn't work then I can always go down to the high school and run around the track four times - which is just as good as going to the gym and walking/running on the treadmill (sp?). Or so I figured.

Besides going to the gym, I also have a job. Yep, you read it right - a JOB. It's at a company called Safe Horizon, which is a non-profit organization that specializes in violence and they provide a haven for victims and enables them to move past their trauma so that they can live positive and successful lives. Yea, I'm really excited about it! I'll be working in the HR department which is a good place for a college grad to start out at. Apparently you can learn so much there and just having it on your resume is an accomplishment - or so people keep telling me.

They're going to call me next week to give me the specifics behind the job. I'm supposed to be making $18 an hour, but I forgot to follow up with that during the interview so I really don't know that for sure . . . which is stupid because you'd think that money would be the first thing to popup into conversation. But she gave me her card so I can always just call her up and ask. No biggie.

But I'm excited! I get to commute in and out of the city and everything. Finally, I'm independent . . . well, sort of. After all, I still live at home with my mother.

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