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My Damn Issue

Obviously, I don't want to graduate. I'm three chapters behind in accounting. THREE! and what am I doing? Chillin, surfing the net, reading fanfiction, writing in my damn blog. Oh, you know - the basics.

I mean, can you really call this thing - this Issue - an itus? Notice that I capitalized it - my Issue. It has officially transformed from the senior-itus to the Issue. No, no. It's no longer a problem - because clearly those can be solved - but it has now evolved into an annoying something that just won't go away.

As a matter of fact. I have decided that it should be known as the ISSUE because it is that big of a pain in my ass!

Have a good night.

PS. Happy Easter. Did you go to church? Cuz' I didn't. Yes, I know. I'm a little heathen, yadda yadda yadda. Amen, hallelujah.

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