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Very close to being broke. Again

If you got $84 from your last check for two weeks, would you spend 42 a week or spend all in one weekend?

spend 42 a week!

Yea, well nobody asked you!

Actually, I didn't spend ALL of it. You know, I went to the movies (where the price keeps rising and rising, like people ain't got bills to pay) and then I had to pay for transportation, and then I had to go to CVS for this fuckin' toothache (which is a killer, let me tell you) and so my 43 dollars is officially gone It's so bad that I had to hide the rest of the money away . . . you notice I said 43 and not 42 right, yea see what had happened was I wanted a snack so I stole a dollar from the stash that I hid. Yea, well I was hungry - what of it!. And I guess it's really not HIDING if you know. where. it. is. and I have the strongest itch to go out and get a pair of those really really really dark dark dark blue jeans.

*sits starry eyed*

I love those jeans. I want to MARRY those jeans. I need a pair. I'm like a robot/zombie. I. need. a. pair. now. No, you don't understand, I've been thinking of nothing but going shopping because I really need it. I need clothes since my shit is spread out all over the place (curse all this damn moving) and I don't seem to have half of my stuff with me at school. I feel like breaking out into a good old-fashioned tantrum . . . I WANT MORE CLOTHES, DAMNIT!!! . . . I'm kinda hoping that my grandmother still comes through and puts some money into my account so I can spend her money and not mines because I need mines.

Well, I should say, I'm too cheap to spend mines. lol. whatever. I'm not cheap, I just don't see the point in spending a whole chunk of my change on ONE thing when I can spend it on several different things. like food. and lotion. and food.

But, I think it's just the excitement of having money that's making me careless. that's why I need someone to send me money.

So I can spend it.

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