I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I don't update this journal anymore. I have a blog on my website and I only use this for community joining ... so feel free to friend me if you know me, but don't expect to find anything here :-)

And this journal is now Friends Only anyway so if I do add any entries, you can only see them if we're friends.

Training Day . . . Not the Movie

I had mandatory training today over in Brooklyn. So, instead of going straight there I ended up heading to the office first, checked my email, got rid of some of the things in my HUGE bag so that my arm could stop aching, and then I hopped back on the subway. The fact that I wasted 4 extra dollars doesn't even faze me really. If I had gone straight there, I would've been WAY early, so I figured WHAT THE HELL. What's a few extra dollars?

Basically it was only half the day and it pretty much covered everything that we had already knew, except the information was more in depth I guess. It wasn't so bad. I had hot chocolate so how can a girl complain, really?

In the beginning she had us perform the 4 Cs - character, cuisine, conveyance, and conversation. TRANSLATION: If we could have dinner with any person (fictional, non-fictional, dead, alive) who would it be, where would we eat, how would we get there, and what would we talk about . . . .

My answer:

Character: Gary Dourdan aka Warrick Brown
Cuisine: Chinese Buffet
Conveyance: He would drive
Conversation: What we needed to do to get married.

Yea, that gained a good laugh. What's REALLY funny is that I was dead serious.

Hm. Think I have a problem?
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CSI Premiere

Did anyone see CSI last night?

Did you see that look shared between Sara and Grissom?

See now I'm left wondering if this is the first time they've done that, you know, so out in the OPEN since I didn't get to see all of season 6. So there's no telling how much growth I missed in their relationship. I mean, it looked to me that they were TOGETHER. He bought her a sandwhich! and then there was the look again.


I'm still trying to figure out if I'm happy about that. I was never a Sara/Grissom fan.

Edit: I just found out that at the end of the finale last season there was a scene where Grissom is in his bathrobe while lying on the bed and then Sara comes into the room wearing one too. So, okay, I missed a major turn in their relationship, but . . . . I still don't like them together. I know I said before that I didn't know WHAT I felt, but yea. Let's put the record straight. I. Do. Not. Like. Sara and Grissom. Together.

However, I am happy that I don't have to see her whine and moan about him. And chase him around. And stare at him with those googly eyes. And smile at him with that goofy smile. But damn. why did they have to get together? Why not Sofia or Lady Heather? Anybody but Sara's annoying ass!
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Everything's falling into place

Yea, so I started going to the gym. I have one free month so I'm trying to use it as much as I can. But since my mom is my ride, I have to schedule my time around hers - meaning, I need to persuade and threaten her to get up and work out so that she can stop complaining about how FAT she is.

But if that doesn't work then I can always go down to the high school and run around the track four times - which is just as good as going to the gym and walking/running on the treadmill (sp?). Or so I figured.

Besides going to the gym, I also have a job. Yep, you read it right - a JOB. It's at a company called Safe Horizon, which is a non-profit organization that specializes in violence and they provide a haven for victims and enables them to move past their trauma so that they can live positive and successful lives. Yea, I'm really excited about it! I'll be working in the HR department which is a good place for a college grad to start out at. Apparently you can learn so much there and just having it on your resume is an accomplishment - or so people keep telling me.

They're going to call me next week to give me the specifics behind the job. I'm supposed to be making $18 an hour, but I forgot to follow up with that during the interview so I really don't know that for sure . . . which is stupid because you'd think that money would be the first thing to popup into conversation. But she gave me her card so I can always just call her up and ask. No biggie.

But I'm excited! I get to commute in and out of the city and everything. Finally, I'm independent . . . well, sort of. After all, I still live at home with my mother.
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My Damn Issue

Obviously, I don't want to graduate. I'm three chapters behind in accounting. THREE! and what am I doing? Chillin, surfing the net, reading fanfiction, writing in my damn blog. Oh, you know - the basics.

I mean, can you really call this thing - this Issue - an itus? Notice that I capitalized it - my Issue. It has officially transformed from the senior-itus to the Issue. No, no. It's no longer a problem - because clearly those can be solved - but it has now evolved into an annoying something that just won't go away.

As a matter of fact. I have decided that it should be known as the ISSUE because it is that big of a pain in my ass!

Have a good night.

PS. Happy Easter. Did you go to church? Cuz' I didn't. Yes, I know. I'm a little heathen, yadda yadda yadda. Amen, hallelujah.
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New Icons!!

Hey I finally changed my damn icon. I was really getting tired of that Jeremy Sumpter one and so I ended up stealing two from dashing_icons. I loved all of them, but these two I figured would be great on my lj.

Other than that . . . well, there's Founder's Day tomorrow. I got to be up and out by 8am. Damn, that's early. But then I could sleep in the chapel and then come back to the room and sleep. Whatever, I'm going to bed.
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Very close to being broke. Again

If you got $84 from your last check for two weeks, would you spend 42 a week or spend all in one weekend?

spend 42 a week!

Yea, well nobody asked you!

Actually, I didn't spend ALL of it. You know, I went to the movies (where the price keeps rising and rising, like people ain't got bills to pay) and then I had to pay for transportation, and then I had to go to CVS for this fuckin' toothache (which is a killer, let me tell you) and so my 43 dollars is officially gone It's so bad that I had to hide the rest of the money away . . . you notice I said 43 and not 42 right, yea see what had happened was I wanted a snack so I stole a dollar from the stash that I hid. Yea, well I was hungry - what of it!. And I guess it's really not HIDING if you know. where. it. is. and I have the strongest itch to go out and get a pair of those really really really dark dark dark blue jeans.

*sits starry eyed*

I love those jeans. I want to MARRY those jeans. I need a pair. I'm like a robot/zombie. I. need. a. pair. now. No, you don't understand, I've been thinking of nothing but going shopping because I really need it. I need clothes since my shit is spread out all over the place (curse all this damn moving) and I don't seem to have half of my stuff with me at school. I feel like breaking out into a good old-fashioned tantrum . . . I WANT MORE CLOTHES, DAMNIT!!! . . . I'm kinda hoping that my grandmother still comes through and puts some money into my account so I can spend her money and not mines because I need mines.

Well, I should say, I'm too cheap to spend mines. lol. whatever. I'm not cheap, I just don't see the point in spending a whole chunk of my change on ONE thing when I can spend it on several different things. like food. and lotion. and food.

But, I think it's just the excitement of having money that's making me careless. that's why I need someone to send me money.

So I can spend it.
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I know I've said it before, but I fuckin' hate accounting.

There. Now I can go to bed.
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Just kill me

Ugh. I have a headache and I still have chapter 2 to finish and chapter 3 to start. Please shoot me. now. Accounting is HARD. I mean really hard. I just feel so confused and stupid right now. I'm just . . . constupid.
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